• Vicky Taylor

World Mental Health Day - Mental Health in an unequal world.

World Metal Health Day 2021 may be over, however, the messages we have learnt will surpass and continue beyond the 10th October. This year’s theme was mental health in an unequal world which recognised the barriers and inequality individuals experience in many areas of their lives, including when it comes to mental health. It’s important that together we speak out against this injustice, working together to create a society which understands, supports, and fights for the mental health and wellbeing of each of us. At times, we may feel alone with the difficulties we are experiencing, we may feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to turn for support. It’s important to remember that you are not alone, we each at different points in our lives struggle with our mental health which may include feelings of low mood or depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma. It’s okay that at times we may not feel okay and it’s important that at these times we prioritise our mental health and wellbeing.

To mark World Mental Health Day, the Mental Health Foundation published a special podcast episode in which Freya and Tyra discuss and share their experience of discrimination, inequality, and mental health support. Julie Cameron also joins the podcast to discuss inequality and the ways we can all support and contribute to a fairer society. To listen to the podcast please follow the link here, which will direct you to the Mental Health Foundation website where further resources and support can also be found.

Additionally, to find out more about the mental health services available in your local area, Hub of Hope which can be accessed here includes further information and details of the services available both locally and nationally.

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